Song Performance PLAYBLAST

I haven’t managed to finish my animation of a Song Performance so I am uploading a rendered playblast with the major breakdowns. As it is evident, I did not follow my references completely and added some extra features to the dance moves. The lip sync, however, is complete and I am really satisfied with it! […]

Personality Walk FINAL

At last I am able to call my Personality Walk – Done! I think the biggest issue I have given myself was usage of grass, as it took a long time to render and the lighting which required me to use different render settings. However, it is finally complete and I think it is rather […]

Lip Sync FINAL

With all the trouble After Effects has given me with editing audio and video together, I have finally managed to complete my Lip Sync! As I explained in the Planning process, the story is set in an Asylum, as Bonnie is sat in a dark corner, really still, wide eyed and blinking rarely – I […]

Song Performance Planning

As everyone approaches their work differently, I’ve decided to approach my lip sync planning by drawing out the mouth shapes to keep me on track whilst I’m animating. Doing this, I find it easier to follow and apply in my animation as oppose to watching a video of myself talk or sing which gets distracting […]

Lip Sync Planning

This is my planning for lip sync. I’ve included storyboards I have created prior to animating and it is seen that I have changed my idea from “Alien Abduction” theme to “Asylum” theme. The reason I have done this was because the first one was too ambitious as I included multiple camera shots and extra […]