“Maya Essentials” Magazine

ImageI would like to share this amazing magazine with everyone and say how great it is with helping grasping and working in Maya. It has everything from modelling, rigging, skinning, MEL scripting and animating. Absolutely fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to work in Maya. I will definitely manage to fill my portfolio with the help of it =)


Bouncing Ball FINAL

Here is my final animation of the Bouncing Ball! Overall, it is quite fast which makes the ball hard to follow. The story behind it I’ve explained in the storyboard – ball dances clumsily and gets crushed by a boombox!
Even though it is fast, I believe the ball moves accurately for a light and flexible ball! Extremely bouncy and full of happy and excited personality.

Bouncing Ball Storyoard

img012My idea for the “Bouncing Ball” animation is based on a clumsy dancer practicing in their own time but not realizing they are quite bad at it. The rough storyboard sets the dancer, which is the ball, in a dancing studio dancing to the music played from a boombox. While bouncing clumsily the ball lands heavily next to the boombox making it lean and crush the ball.

Personality Walk 2nd Test

This time I have managed to fix the render a bit as the sky is no longer black, however, there is still a shadow over the rig!
Improvements I have made are: I have fixed the arm so it isn’t twitching anymore after each 24th frame and I have managed to slow the character down by scaling the curves in the graph editor! He looks much slower, lazier and heavier which is what I aimed to achieve!
Next time I will post the final video. Trouble is it takes too long to render because of the grass.
Also it exceeds 10 seconds so I will have to reduce the amount of frames as well.


With a distinctive style and incredible storyline this piece of animation has been done by none other than the Disney Studios. Disney has truly shown they still have it in them to create a beautiful and romantic animated short and it was well received by the audience.
I believe Disney has been made famous by using 2D techniques and this blend of 2D and 3D was very well done, except I do not understand why. I will have to conduct a research to find out but I definitely prefer the 2D look over 3D!

“Thinking Animation” Blog

“Thinking Animation” Blog

I have discovered this animation blog that consists of many interesting and helpful links. The home page presents all recent animated and CG movies that have been in the cinema and those that are expected. There is also a link for tutorials which isn’t too helpful but directs us to other places we may find a complete tutorial.

The blog also advertises the book “Thinking Animation” which serves as a good read on how 2D and 3D Animation are connected. There are also lots of other good books on animation such as “The Animators Survival Kit” etc.

Definitely recommended!

Rise of the Guardians

Image“Rise of the Guardians” has been a movie I have desperately wanted to see and I finally managed to watch it this weekend! It was amazing, in my opinion! I loved the character designs, the voice actors and the visuals. The story line went a little bit to fast as in the first 10 minutes we were already introduced to the villain and the fight scenes began. I would blame that on the amount of characters who each had to go through a “breakdown” of not being believed in before the hero, Jack Frost, managed to save them all.

Moreover, the part where Pitch asks Jack to join him, and Jack refuses, I was pleasantly surprised as I thought he would join him and then towards the end turn his back on him once more. So I thought it was a nice touch and was unpredictable for me as I am used to that trick from other movies.

In the end, I liked it more than “Wreck-it Ralph” as I could relate to it, being 20 and still believing in mythical beings (why not?) and the characters were comical and had depth to them. The story   could have used retouching but it is not up to me to say that until I break into the industry =)